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Smoking gun: Kharkivens give up illegal weapons

Photo from snim.net

More than 300 illegal and unregistered weapons have been handed in during a month’s amnesty in Kharkiv.

City police organized the campaign in which residents could give up their weapons without punishment.

Law enforcers received 305 weapons: 41 army rifles samples; 16 hunting rifles; 222 smooth-bore arms and 11 bladed weapons.

Dmitry Akulov, deputy head of the Licensing Office and the Prevention System, said citizens also handed over 4,000 pieces of ammunition, 111 non-lethal weapons, one artillery shell and one mine.

Photo from video (http://www.hk.npu.gov.ua/)
Photo from video (http://www.hk.npu.gov.ua/)

BACKGROUND: The National Police of Ukraine announced March 2016 – the month of voluntary surrender of weapons. It is a complex of organizational and practical measures aimed at combating the illegal possession and distribution of weapons.

Citizens who voluntarily surrendered arms and ammunition stored illegally are exempt from criminal liability. Normally, unlawful possession is punishable by imprisonment of between 2-5 years.

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