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Kernes is “worth” over 15 million UAH

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Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes has declared gaining 15,279,513 UAH in 2015, according to the city council’s website.

The mayor’s salary was 60,211 UAH, while 11,097,688 was received from dividends; 2,906,500 UAH from selling assets and 1,215,114 UAH from the alienation of securities and corporate rights.

Kernes holds 764,648 UAH in bank deposits and invested 851,086 UAH in 2015. The nominal value of his securities is 187,255 UAH (“Kharkivoblenergo” and “Real-Bank”).

The mayor does not have any “cars”, “aqueous vehicle” or “aircrafts” declared. He doesn’t own any apartment or home, but the document indicated 7 sq. m of land in Kharkiv.

BACKGROUND: In 2014, Gennady Kernes declared 12,996,000 UAH of income and in 2013, 17,647,000 UAH.

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