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Kharkiv’s agricultural equipment to Poland


Industrial Group “UPEC” (Kharkiv) took part in an international exhibition of agricultural machinery AGROTECH-2016, which took place on March 18-20 in Poland (Keltse). This was reported by Status Quo (RU) with reference to “UPEC”.

At the exhibition “Lozova machinery” which are part of the “UPEC”, presented harrow “Dukat-5” and bearing units “HARP AGRO Unit”.


In Poland there are many stony heavy soils, so powerful tillage machines and lifetime bearing units are good for the Polish, noted the company.

According to “UPEC”, Kharkivens are negotiating with Polish companies which produce agricultural machinery for the supply of components for the assembly of their products.

At the end of the exhibition several major Poland dealers have expressed interest.

“With one of the Polish companies is a dealership agreement on supply of products of “Lozova machinery” in Poland. We are planning to have a well-developed distribution network in Poland,” said the company.

BACKGROUND: At the beginning of 2016 in city Torun was opened an official representation of “Lozova machinery” in Poland. In 2016, the company plans to increase its share of the European market in the total volume of agricultural exports to 40-50% in comparison with 30% in 2015.

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