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Pyatt posts article on Kharkiv trip

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The US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt has shared impressions about his visit to Kharkiv, posting an article “Kharkiv: Defying Stereotypes and Leading the Way to Ukraine’s Future” on the blog of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

Last week,  the Ambassador of the US in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited Kharkiv Institute for Physics and Technology’s Neutron Source Facility (NSF) and checked the training program of the new patrol police in Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs.

Pyatt mentioned Ukrainian scientists continue working in close partnership with US National Laboratories, including Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory, on moving the facility from equipment installation through commissioning and into full operation.

“The $73 million the US has invested in this state-of-the-art facility will give Ukraine new research capabilities, as well as the ability to produce isotopes for industrial and medical use here in Ukraine” explains the Ambassador.

Neutron Source Facility, Kharkiv, March 2016 (Photo from usembassykyiv.wordpress.com)
Neutron Source Facility, Kharkiv, March 2016 (Photo from usembassykyiv.wordpress.com)

After the NSF, the delegation was “off to meet the new Patrol Police cadets training in Kharkiv and observe their rigorous (and action-packed!) basic training course,” Pyatt’s blog says.

“I was incredibly inspired by these patriotic young men and women – who represent the next generation of Ukrainians taking their country’s future into their own hands. 

“I have been very proud of the US’ support throughout Ukraine for the new Patrol Police, who play an essential role in helping rebuild the faith the Ukrainian people have in their government institutions.”

Kharkiv Patrol Police Training Center, March 2016  (Photo from usembassykyiv.wordpress.com)
Kharkiv Patrol Police Training Center, March 2016 (Photo from usembassykyiv.wordpress.com)

This visit made clear that Kharkiv is moving ahead: “Ukraine’s future is bright. Ukraine has made remarkable progress, something that is all too easy to forget in the day-to-day drama of domestic politics.”

He once again stressed on the rapid changes in Ukraine, and noted how outdated the simplistic Russian narrative of Ukrainian geographic division has become: “Seeing such dynamic energy in Kharkiv and all the exciting projects in progress there underlines the hope I have for Ukraine’s future.”

He also expressed his opinion about the current governor  of the Kharkiv region: “I’m thrilled to have such a strong partner there, one who is committed to pursuing reform and anti-corruption.”

Full article by The Ambassador of the United States in Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt read here.

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