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US Deputy Secretary of Commerce interested in Kharkiv’s intellectual potential

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US Deputy Secretary of Commerce Michael Lally and deputy chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Julia Svetlichnay took part in an expanded meeting of the Kharkiv University Consortium, the press service (RU) of KRSA reported.

The consortium presented intellectual potential of the region and its perspective projects.

“I believe the use of intellectual potential of the Kharkiv region and its universities is a very important and big point in terms of cooperation with US companies. I have great interest in it for this meeting, because when US companies are thinking about Ukraine and possible ways of cooperation, they think primarily about using and attracting intellectual capital,” Lally said.


Head of Kharkiv IT-cluster, director and owner of INSART company, Vasiliy Soloschuksaid that currently the cluster consists of 20 IT-companies both based in Kharkiv and having development offices in our region.

“Our main goal is the development of an IT-ecosystem for our city. Today, IT-field takes the third place in terms of exports in Ukraine. Exports of IT-services amounted to about $2.4 billion last year. Kharkiv in the IT-industry in Ukraine, according to our calculations, is second to Kyiv by market volume, number of developers and companies,”said Soloschuk

According to him, Kharkiv occupies 15-20% of the IT-industry in Ukraine. Here, about 22,000 professionals are involved in IT and the universities still produce about 2,000 specialists per year. The city covers the entire production line existing in the world.

“Our vision is to make Kharkiv the best location for doing IT-business in Ukraine and, perhaps, even in Eastern Europe,” the head of IT-cluster concluded.

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