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What are Kharkivens’ wages?

Photo from rabota-i-vakansii.ru

The newspaper “Segodnya” has checked the level of wages in the city. The largest salaries in Kharkiv go to the military, while the smallest to unskilled workers.

 According to the publication, the monthly salaries are:

Diagram were created at infogr.am
Diagram were created at infogr.am

School teachers of the highest category – 2.360 UAH, including extra excess fare – 3.500 UAH.

Beginner schoolteacher – 1.925 UAH (plus surcharge for classroom management, checking notebooks, replacement).

According to the regional statistics department, in 2015, the cost of food increased by 39.2%, appliances – by 40.3%, while the utility rates have doubled.

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