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Put on embroided shirt and take your bike!

Photo from http://xt.ht/

On May 29 Kharkiv’s bike-lovers are invited to join the 11 Ukraine National Colony.

The only requeriment to participate in is to wear an embroidered shirts and patriotic clothes, the organizers reported on their Facebook page. According to organizers of the action, you can also decorate your bike with flags and other symbols of Ukraine.

The route of the patriotic arrival is to start from Freedom Square and finish at the same place. During the day the colony participants could enjoy the cultural and sports program as well: competitions, contests, exhibitions, and fairs are waiting for them.

BikeDay is a large citywide event that brings together thousands of cyclists. In Kharkiv such a BikeDay has been held annually since 2006 to promote a healthy active lifestyle and environmental alternative to city car. Every year more and more people join this event.

But this year the organizers decided to hold this event with a patriotic purpose: to remind Kharkivens what country they live in. All the residents are invited to help in its realization.

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