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Young resident created military calendar

Photo from http://www.ksada.org/

The presentation of a military calendar was held at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. A 5th year student Nikita Shalimov presented his work, the press service (RU) of the academy reported.


The Academy’s gallery decided to take a serious step – to recreate the past two years in Ukraine by Nikita Shalimov’s sketches.

The artist outlined his citizenship in minimalistic works: “I try to draw attention to a problem that is relevant now,” Nikita stated.

Get out of our land

Graphically designed calendar for 2016 took up the whole wall. There were many posters with capacious comments and bold patterns: Pixel tetris-tank with the “game over”caption, a triptych in Rorschach style that caught features of the Russian President’s face, posters with militaristic motifs.


‘That’s great that there are artists who recreate nowadays Ukraine’s history. Today we can refresh memory about events in Kyiv and war in the east of Ukraine,” said Head of the Department of Design of the University of Kherson Elena Chepelyuk, who visited the exhibition.

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