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Free project “Bridge” for active youth and future businessmen

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“Bridge” connects the shore of desires and possibilities of active Kharkiv’s youth. The 6th season a leadership school Bridge was held at the hall of the Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (KNURE) being full of young people with shining eyes. 

The leadership school Bridge is a non-profit project to implement business education for active young people. Their advantage is that absolutely all the courses are free. Among the courses they offer: English, Art, Business, Social Activities, IT, according to the organizers (RU).


The founders of the project, Evgueniy Denisenko, Sergey Dubrovsky, Anastasia Bratischenko, are ambitious young people who, despite their age, have already managed to realize themselves, and willing to share their knowledge and skills with Kharkiv’s youth.

The education of the project is based on practice, not on dry theory.

“Of course, we study theory but at the same time it will be fixed by practical tasks and homework,” the head teacher of the project Oleg Orekhov told us.

Vadim Bortnik, an owner of a chain of fast food restaurants FreshLine, also inspire students: “I can give you a direction but you have to go by yourselves.”

With the help of the graduates of previous Bridge seasons the Kharkiv city found such European projects like blind dates (EN) and quest rooms.

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