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“Picture book”: new exhibition of young geniuses

The 17th exhibition of the Kharkiv studio Aza Nizi Maza, “Picture book” opens at International House on March 19, the organizers reported. As always, the authors of the work are very young artists, from 4 to 14 years.

And, as always, all the paintings are made in a style of Nickolay Kolomiets‘ school, an artist and teacher who proved that art is not divided into “adult” and “child”, and that children’s works may be as interesting as works of adult artists.

Aza Nizi Maza exhibition focuses on understanding and rethinking. At GogolFest, for example, the studio was suspected of fabrication, people claimed that children can not draw so great things and the real painter was just “pretending to be a child”, the orginazers told us.


Another key feature of the studio is a categorical rejection of templates.

“Children often follow clichés, draw or write as seen somewhere, or someone has shown them. Our goal is to complicate the perception, show that their personal vision and interpretation is better than all the templates in the world,” Nickolay stated.

Exhibition opens at 18:00 on March 19 and lasts until the end of April. Entrance is traditionally free.


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