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Kharkiv launched the first in Ukraine mobile veterinary office

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Kharkiv became the first city in Ukraine that launches mobile veterinary office, the director of “Animals Treatment Center” Yulia Shapovalova reported.

Now such two veterenary hospitals on wheels, equipped with nessesary electronics, operate in Ordzhonikidze and Chervonozavodskiy districts.

The main issue of such innovation is to popularize the sterilization of pets, as employees of the center explained. Doctors of the mobile office will sterilize animals at affordable prices and explain Kharkivens that the procedure is not dangerous but safe.

Thus, the prices are 30-40% lower than in ordinary hospitals, Yulia assured. For example, neutering costs 250 UAH, sterilization amounted at 300-400 UAH. For pensioners’ pets the price will be reduced to 120 UAH.

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