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Kharkiv founded International Calligraphy Competition

Photo from www.urbancalligraphy.com

The first international student competition in Ukraine of font and calligraphy will be held on May 23-28 in the city, the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts reported.

The mission of the contest is popularization of cultural traditions of different countries, promotion of contemporary calligraphy and font design among young people, the Head of the Department of Graphic Design Tatyana Ivanenko stated.

“2016 became the year of the English language in Ukraine. We are moving away from the tradition of honoring only Slavic literature and focuses on the Cyrillic and Latin. The contest subject is an integration and interaction of the alphabets of the world’s nations,” the press service of the academy reported.


  • Calligraphy (academic, creative);
  • Ancient font (Cyrillic, Latin, digits, punctuation marks);
  • Exclusive hand-drawn font;
  • Font poster;
  • Alphabet installation (the winner is determined by voting directly during the final exhibition).

Participation in the contest is free.

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