Home Business Beyond Broke: a revolution for the world online retail from Ukrainian team

Beyond Broke: a revolution for the world online retail from Ukrainian team


Ukrainian team Beyond Broke (UKR) developed an innovative IT-solution for instant hire purchase on all Internet sites and is preparing to conquer both local and international market.

For a long time, the domestic banking and financial institutions do not know what to do with a large and fast-growing online market. And they just transferred from offline to online standard lending procedure of product purchase with signing contracts, half-hour calls and the preparation of all necessary documents.

In fact, Beyond Broke has done the impossible: they created for all the developed world online retail function of the instant purchase of goods by installment using only a credit card.


Beyond Broke payment option “On strap” allows for a few seconds to receive proposals from several banks, and after selection of the best offer from the bank to activate the credit line on the card. In order to authorize and verify the possibility of the bank means it is necessary just to write your information (TIN, date of birth and telephone number) and agree the terms of the contract offer.

The brilliant simplicity of the solution – integration at the level of the payment system – makes it attractive both for online stores and partner banks.

The main investor and partner of the project Beyond Broke is known in legal circles the managing partner of the international company Magnuson Anton Prysiazhnyuk.

The users already can test the solution on the Ukrainian site of the company. Beyond Broke hopes that the release, scheduled for the beginning of spring 2016, will be successful and the team will be able to expand the project in other countries.

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