Home Entertainment Spring 4X4: Kharkiv off roaders opened the season

Spring 4X4: Kharkiv off roaders opened the season

Today the first spring off-road competitions were held today on the sand trial of Zhuravlyovka – a union of fans of off-road cars (Sliva Club 4×4) celebrated Pancake Day races on four-wheel drive vehicles.

Cars were divided in two categories – light (four-wheel drive cars in the standard version) and raid one (all-wheel-drive cars). The organizers jokingly called the first category “glamor” one.

12 serial off roaders competed for the title the best Light. Then 21 prepared cars fought to be the best in raid category.

After scoring the organizers determined the winners: Niva, UAZ and Great Wall won “raid”, “light” came to Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and all the same Great Wall.


The festival was planned as a weekend event. The main purpose was to collect friendly company for fun and pleasure, without competitive moment, so there was no restriction on vehicles.

“I hope that in the near future we will meet again and spend a couple of hours (or perhaps days). In a friendly and fun company.. Everyone went here to his heart’s content!” expressed his feelings one of the participants.



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