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“We must promote the brand Made in Ukraine in the US” Rainin

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New impetus to get the brand “Made in Ukraine” up and running in the US is a key requirement, the press service of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

The comments were made by chairman of the Kharkiv regional state administration Igor Rainin, on the results of the round of negotiations on trade and investment cooperation.

According to the governor, the Kharkiv delegation held meetings with the leaders of International Trade Administration (ITA), US Chamber of Commerce, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), a US government agency, accumulating US capital to invest in new markets and developing countries.

“I can definitely say there is a wide range of industrial products which are competitive in the US market. The main issue is effective marketing because the brand “Made in Ukraine” does not matter much to most local companies. The only exception is the IT field. To change the situation is one of the main tasks of our office in Washington,” said Rainin.

However, a number of major US producers of specialized goods are familiar with the Kharkiv industrial and engineering capabilities, having come face to face with our companies in international tenders.

Describing the prospects for the development of investment cooperation with the US, Rainin stressed that in contrast to many Ukrainians, Americans don’t underestimate the economic potential of Ukraine:

The American multinational business sees great prospects in Ukraine. After all, we are the largest country in Central Europe and an excellent springboard to enter the mainland market, as well as capacious markets of the Middle East and Africa, Rainin added.

Chairman of OPIC Elizabeth Littlefield reported about plans in the near future to double its portfolio in Ukraine, with the Kharkiv region a top priority.

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