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USAID to expand cooperation with the region

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Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Rainin and deputy head of the Bureau for Europe and Eurasia of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) have agreed to expand cooperation.

According to the governor Rainin, being away for several days in Washington with a delegation of the Kharkiv region, our region has a successful experience of cooperation with USAID.

0c85c02d753aad278698cd96681daaa6“Those projects that are already being implemented in the region, will be continued and get a long-term character. First of all, social projects related to health care, IDPs, media support, social activities and other important areas. However, later this year we plan to significantly increase the pool of projects aimed precisely at the economic development of the region and improvement of the business climate in the Kharkiv region,” Rainin said.

Among the priority areas of cooperation highlighted were anti-corruption projects, development of the agricultural sector, support for e-government and initiated reform of administrative services, cyber security system, and improving the efficiency and transparency of the work of courts.

Kharkiv cooperation with USAID will occur on an ongoing basis.

“We agreed we will keep contact with the leadership of the European Bureau of USAID through our office in Washington. We also expect to continue the conversation, during the autumn Kharkiv forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv’s initiatives,” Rainin added.

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