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Kharkivens invited to select ex-militiamen to police ranks


The Kharkiv region is preparing for the competency test of former militiamen who want to be recruited to the National Police.

Organizers look for suitable premises and form a certification commissions.

According to the director of the Kharkiv Human Rights Group and a member of the Central Certification Commission, Eugene Zakharov, 12 commissions will work in the Kharkiv region, including two appeal commissions, comprising up to 15 people in each.

Anyone can apply for registration to the commission.  It’s required to fill a simple online form and then be interviewed by the Police Commission which will verify the candidate to meet the essential requirements.

Among these are motivation, analytical and logical thinking, as well as knowledge in the field of law enforcement activities and jurisprudence.

A total number of members of the commission will be 36 representatives of the public who will work for free for a few weeks.

“Not everyone who wants to participate can afford to leave their job for a month,” Eugene Zakharov said.

He emphasized commission members from the public must be responsible, mature, understanding police work and knowing the law.

Advisor to the Chief policeman of the region Alexander Sirota added a person should go to the Commission not to settle accounts with ex-militiamen.

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