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Kharkivens’ appetite for money grows

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An international head hunting portal hh.ua made a survey on the salary ambitions of among our citizens.

As a result, a quarter of respondents said the concept of “decent salary” corresponds to the sum of 20,000 UAH per month.

20% of respondents said they would be satisfied with the sum of 30,000. Another 20% would be content with the amount of monthly income of 50,000 UAH.

One in ten believes that decent payment for their production efforts is amount of 100,000 UAH or higher. 23% of “white collar” staff would be satisfied with 10-15,000 UAH.

And only 2% of the respondents said the salary should be not less than 5,000 UAH.

“Now the prices are so high that any salary is not enough. I think people need to get at least 8-10,000 hryvnias not to save on everything,” says a Kharkiven Nikita.

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