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Slovakia’s ex-finance chief to assess Ukraine’s chances

Photo from ekonomika.sme.sk

Ukraine’s challenges and opportunities will be addressed next month by a former finance minister.

Slovakia’s ex-finance minister and adviser of Ukraine’s minister of Finance, Ivan Miklos will address the topic “Ukraine? What are the chances of success?” on April 7 at the Third International Business Forum “Ukraine 2016: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Miklos was the minister of economy in 1998-2002, finance minister in 2002-2006 and then in 2010-2012.

Slovakia has not had the easiest times: the country was eliminating the consequences of the transition from socialism to capitalism; preparing to join NATO and the European Union (adopted in 2004) and the introduction of the euro and Schengen.

In 2004 Miklos was recognized by London ‘s Euromoney as the best finance minister in the world.

“The purpose of my speech at the forum is to share the experience of economic transition and help Ukrainian business to adapt to it successfully,” the former Slovak minister said.

The Third International Business Forum will be attended by the owners, directors and managers of dozens of companies from different parts of Ukraine. Discussions will touch on issues of foreign investment, energy efficiency and access to the European market.

The forum is being organized by ICOM Capital and Marketing Office Monya Gets.

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