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Kharkiv will become the foothold of Ukroboronprom


Kharkiv’s enterprises have gained a major foothold in Ukroboronprom – an association of multi-product enterprises in various sectors of the defense industry.

A memorandum was signed on expanding cooperation between Ukroboronprom with the enterprises of the Kharkiv region by Director of the State Concern Roman Romanov and Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Igor Rainin.

Thanks to the cooperation of Kharkiv enterprises, they will launch production of the modernized BTR-4 armored personnel carrier.

Modernization of the BTR-4 was carried out by the State Enterprise’s Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau, while the Malysheva plant will launch a new production line.

“We allocated a shop floor at the Malysheva plant and there will be a second line for the production of BTR-4. For this we need the power of OJSC “Turboatom” and other Kharkiv plants,” said Romanov.

The modernized armored personnel carrier will be equipped with Mercedes-Benz diesel engines.

“Designers have listened to the comments and suggestions of ATO fighters about reducing the noise which affects the detection of the BTR in reconnaissance and raid operations. After analyzing the behavior of the BTR in the Donbass’ combat conditions, the armored vehicle has undergone significant changes in the design of the chassis and on-board systems.

“Designers and manufacturers are confident that Kharkiv BTR can compete with combat vehicles of a new generation,” noted Ukroboronprom.

Ukroboronprom includes enterprises, which operate in the development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military and special equipment and ammunition, and participating in military-technical cooperation with foreign states.

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