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Kharkiv administration establishes connections with German business


The potential of the Kharkiv region has been presented to German business experts.

Deputy Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Mark Becker met with the Delegate of German Economy in Ukraine.

He emphasized the Kharkiv region’s industrial and agricultural potential, noting it was one of the Ukraine’s leading industrial regions with more than 3,500 diverse enterprises.

He pointed out that in order for Kharkiv manufacturers to enter European markets, investments were needed.

“We strive for the quality of Kharkiv products to come to a European level. We understand it can’t be achieved in one day but we have a lot of potential. Our products can compete with those of others in the European market,” said the deputy chairman.


Delegate of German Economy Alexander Marcus said the creation of the Ukrainian-German Chamber of Commerce was being worked on which will be a platform for German and Ukrainian business. He noted Ukrainian businesses need to work on accessing European markets.

“Our activities are focused on Ukrainian business, helping them get rid of barriers and the idea they are not welcome in the European market. At these seminars we tell how to find a partner, establish contacts and talk with German entrepreneurs,” said Marcus.

The next step will be a Day of Ukraine in Bavaria, in Munich, on June 8.

Marcus noticed the need for inter-regional relationships and direct cooperation.

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