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The heat is on who? Condominiums get loans for thermal insulation

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Three condominiums in the Kharkiv region have received loans for thermal insulation, according to the state program.

A February 29 meeting was held between representatives of residential complexes (RRC), building society (BS) and the association of co-owners of apartment buildings (condominiums), the City Council press service said.

“The city has begun to make lists of homes where it is planned to have thermal insulation works,” explained Roman Nekhoroshkov, director of the Department of Housing.

“We are talking about the warming of facades, installation of energy efficient windows and doors. If you install the heat meter, the savings will be about 40%.”

Credits for thermal insulation works in Ukraine are issued by state bank Oschadbank, and commercial banks Ukrgasbank and Ukreximbank.

“A down payment is required. The State repays an average of 50% of the loan,” said Sergei Gipner, Ukrgasbank representative.

The city has a program to support different types of housing, which helps in repairing roofs, pipelines etc.

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