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March 8 in 10 days: non-stop program for Kharkivens

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International Women’s Day (March 8) will be celebrated in Kharkiv, with a week of social and educational activities.

NGO Kharkiv Women’s Association will be organizing open lectures in bookstores, panel discussions, an exhibition in the art gallery “Buzok”, a march of women’s solidarity against violence, discuss the problems of emancipation and arrange a visit to the Museum of Gender.

“Today (01.03.2016), as part of our activities, we are opening, for the first time in Kharkiv, a photo exhibition from Italian Donna Mostra,” said director of the Gender Center of Culture Tatiana Isayeva.

“It consists of 40 photos sent from Milan and tells the story of how women in Italy on the eve of March 8 went to the demonstration claiming their rights.”

The purpose of the project is to raise existing problems of gender inequality in Ukraine, put residents in touch with various practices of realization of justice and equity and promote the movement of women for their rights and freedom.

The organizers added: “This project week is a week of women’s responsibilities. The March 8 holiday has, in a short time, undergone major changes, turning from the International day of women’s struggle for their rights into a holiday of spring and beauty.”  

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