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All rise! Price hikes in alcohol and power

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From March 1, prices for alcohol and electricity increased across Ukraine.

The electricity tariff for the population increased 25% – up to 57 cents per kW/h compared to 45.60 cents kW/h, reports 112.ua.

The entire volume of more than 100 kW/h will be at the rate of 99 cents per kW/h. If the monthly electricity consumption is more than 600 kW/h, the rate is 156 cents per kW/h for the exceeded amount.

These decisions were made by the National Commission in charge of regulation for the energy sector and utilities.

The next increase in electricity tariffs will be announced on September 1, 2016.

In addition, increased excise tax was placed on alcoholic beverages with a strength higher than 8.5%, said the press service of the Main Fiscal Service of Ukraine, reports UNN.

The excise tax rate for vodka and alcoholic drinks rose from 70.53 UAH to 105.80 UAH per 1 liter of 100 percent alcohol.

For fortified wines and vermouth, excise doubled from 3.58 UAH to 7.16 UAH for one liter. Excise tax also doubled for sparkling wines, aerated wines and champagne from 5,20 UAH to 10.40 UAH per a liter.

However, the tax on natural grape wine remained unchanged.

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