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New Predator 4.0 machine unveiled in Kharkiv


Ukraine’s military industry continues to boom, with the release of the new machine gun Predator 4.0.

The Kharkiv-based military factory today presented its latest domestic development.

Кулеметний_комплекс_Predator_40The Predator 4.0, weighing 20kg, is a metal box located in a tactical backpack, with 550 cartridges of 7.64 calibers, fed from the backpack to machine gun via a flexible hose.

According to the developers, the hose gives the shooter unique mobility on the battlefield.

Predator 4.0 is a peculiar construction which combines the best previous developments in the world armaments industry and can be worn with body armor of 6th class protection.

Dozens of such complexes are in service of the National Guard and Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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