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Kharkiv to screen film about Polish musician experimenters


A screening of “15 parts of the world” – a film about one of the most outstanding Polish experimental musicians Eugeniusz Rudnik – will take place in Kharkiv on February 28.

The work of Polish filmmakers Suzanne Zvolyakevich and Zwicky Gregory Portnoy has won prizes at several festivals.

“The film tells about the revolutionary ideas of Eugeniusz who was a part of the legendary  Experimental Studio of the Polish Radio,” organizer said. “He created experimental music long before the concept “electronic music scene”. Instead of the music studio, he used a science lab, magnetic tape and scissors.

“The architecture of the rhythms, the pulse of nature and the human body – exactly these things Rudnik has been trying to feel in his musical search. His experiments were an attempt to study a new reality in which it is possible to touch the sound.”

The film won the Critic’s Week Award at the Film Festival Locarno (Official Page), Special Mention at the Festival MFF T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty and was one of the strongest musical selections at the SXSW festival.

The film will also be shown in Lviv and Kyiv.

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