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IT conference with a difference


Kharkiv will host what could be the city’s first anti-conference – with no schedule, reports or boring speeches!

The Barcamp IT-Kitchen will see IT developers come togeteer on February 28 at 12 noon at the loft “Novoe Mesto” (in Russian only).

The unusual event will be free of official format and boring subjects, but offer more cheerful alternatives, with the participants deciding the schedule.

Event organizers said: “Barcamp IT-Kitchen will be cozier as there will be no program performances, boring reports or dull presentations.”

Instead of slideshows and flow charts, the expected 200 attendees will gather to tell, ask, or raise a difficult question for discussion.


The event will comprise several parallel sections such as blitz-reports (30 minutes per topic), lecture (1 hour per subject), interactive games, experience exchange zone (discussing the best & worst practices) and games (scrum, soft skills, team building, X-Box).

The main task is to draw out important themes in a free atmosphere where everyone can affect the order of reports, topics and discussion.

Topics to be included will be: testing of non-standard objects; code quality; IT management; education and self-development; HR, PR and IT marketing; hobbies and entertainment of IT developers.

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