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Russia-Ukraine freight bar to be lifted


Transit restrictions imposed on hauliers between Ukraine and Russia could be lifted, it has been revealed.

Ukraine has received an official appeal from the Russian Federation calling for the mutual cancellation on freight transit restrictions.

The head of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine (AsIRC), Leonid Kostyuchenko, said the matter would be addressed at a cabinet meeting tomorrow.

He was reacting to a statement from the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation issued to the Ukrainian government.

“Russia has already sent a letter with a proposal to remove these restrictions. We hope that tomorrow we’ll agree on the cancellation between Russia and Ukraine. If the cabinet accepts, then transit will be free,” he said.

At the behest of AsIRC, Ukraine ministers have simplified the procedure of customs registrations of previously blocked Ukrainian trucks in Russia and accelerated the reimbursement of value added tax for affected businessmen.

About 1,500 stranded Ukrainian trucks in Russia and Asia have since returned.

Earlier this month, social activists across Ukraine had launched a campaign to prevent Russian registered trucks from leaving Ukraine’s international borders.

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