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PM supports Kharkiv exporters

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Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has pledged to support local companies looking to export and take their place on the global stage.

Mr Yatsenyuk made the pledge during a February 23 visit to the Electrotyazhmash plant, which along with Turboatom, are poised to expand their presence in the world markets.

He said the plants were looking at completing export delivery to countries including Iran, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, India, as well as Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. A Ukranian delegation is already on its way to investigate the potential in Iran.

Mr Yatsenyuk said the Ukrainian banking system is also ready to support industrial projects of Ukrainian companies in foreign markets. “Export should occur without intermediaries.

There should be direct contracts, direct deliveries, an increase of governmental companies revenue and additional employment,” he said.

Chairman of Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Igor Rainin, noted that industrial giants such as Turboatom, Electrotyazhmash, FED, Malyshev Plant, Kharkiv aircraft factory, remain catalysts for the country’s development.

The Kharkiv region has an estimated 600 industrial enterprises and their development requires the coordination of relevant ministries.

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