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Thief caught stealing artist’s works


A thief was caught red-handed attempting to steal works of a Kharkiv artist in Mariupol, Donetsk.

Private security officers apprehended the thief when he was spotted trying to take two drawings from the series “Chronicles of Piotr” belonging to Kharkiv artist Hamlet Zinkovsky, reported the fund “Izolyatsia” on the Facebook page (in Ukrainian only).

02(1687)A series of “Chronicles of Piotr” was created by the artist as a part of a project called “Zmina” of the foundation “Izoliatsia”.

The works were installed last December in the window embrasures of the former bakery plant on 110 Artema Street in Mariupol.

The theft took place on February 21. Unknown persons took two parts of the compositions 7 and 8.


AVT private security employee Sergey Mezentsev said he received a call from the store “Kalac”, located within the former baking plant, that an unknown person was knocking out the window frames with drawings.

AVT detained the suspect and handed him over to police. The works were stored at “Kalac” and will soon be re-installed, AVT confirmed. The police’s press service confirmed a suspect was under detention.

Foundation Insulation expressed the hope the Mariupol public will help protect the art works rather than be stolen for someone’s private collection.

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