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A new department started its operation in the City Counsil

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Department of state registration, founded in the Kharkiv City Council, has already started to provide services for the registration of real estate and businesses, as on February 18th the director of the Department Oleg Drobot reported.

Under the new law, from January 1st, 2016 local government bodies received authority for registration of property rights to immovable property and for registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and community groups. During the transition period, which will terminate on April 30th, local judicial authorities perform these functions in parallel with the state registration department.

“We created a plan of joint activities with the regional administration of justice under which these powers will be progressively transferred, and on April 30th, the Department of State Registration will begin to provide these services to the public completely on its own. Now we are recruiting staff and training them for work with the State Register. I think in the very near future, the city of Kharkiv will report its full readiness to provide these services,” said Oleg Drobot.

According to him, the main department and 9 regional centers as well are already dealing with documents for registration of real estate and businesses.

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