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An anti-corruption chamber stated its work

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The public organization “All-Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Chamber” today, on February 18th, started its work in Kharkiv, according to the head of public organization Andrey Ilgov.

According to him, the organization is represented only in Kharkiv now, 7 people working there. “We are looking for an office in the city center. Now you can find us on social networks or provide information on the case of corruption by phone 063-230-230-55. Financing of social organization will go, most likely, at the expense of foreign funds,” said Andrey.

He noted that, in particular, the fight against domestic corruption in schools will be carried out. The chamber will help to create a cell that is able to establish control over the use of funds made by parents.

7350498-stop-corruption-475x290According to an activist Anatoly Rasnyansky the “Barrier” operation is designed to combat domestic corruption in schools, kindergartens and public enterprises. The level of parents’ contributions to the educational institutions of Kharkiv is 200-250 million hryvnias per year. Parents, in fact, try to invest in the development of education. The chamber will help them in this by creating an expenditure control system in schools.

The social organization will help law enforcement agencies as well. “Our people will be able to act as allegedly bribe givers. They are ready to take labeled money, put a microphone. Law enforcement agencies have difficulties to find such people, when we have them,” Andrey stated.

“These are the first steps. We hope that our work will be ambitious and people support us. After all, there is corruption at the higher echelons of power. We will try to consider all reports of such facts,” said Rasnyansky.

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