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Unusual school of science art is opening soon


“New Art School” (NAS) (in Ukrainian only) opens in Kharkiv the course of “science art”. The participants will be able to learn how to create works of art with the help of leading scientific technologies.

The course “NAS: science art” – a two-week intensive work on creation of science art by painters and scientists. For participants will be open access to laboratories, equipment and heavy duty technologies at the sites of the leading Kharkiv research institutes and KHackerSpace (in Russian only).

gamma camera
gamma camera

To create science art the groups of NAS students will be able to use 3D printers, microcontroller systems, thermal scope, liquid nitrogen, levitating magnet, one of the largest telescopes in Europe, gamma cameras which allow to see the human internal organs in the section; to explore the artistic possibilities of temperature measurement, cosmic radiation, mass spectrometry (weighing of particles).

The course includes:

  • Creation of science art
  • Work in the laboratories of the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, State Scientific Institute “Institute for Single Crystals”, Institute of Radio Astronomy and KHackerSpace under the direction of creative scientists and curators of the school.
  • Creative research: the participants will have an opportunity to create not just an object of science art but also the concept of the project through creative research.

The final exhibition of the projects of the “NAS: Science Art” participants will be held after finishing of the courses in Kharkiv.

The participation is free upon condition of successful completion of competitive selection.

For participation it’s necessary:

  1. Send a portfolio / scientific CV / resume on e-mail newartschool@yahoo.com
  2. Registration.
  3. Pass the competitive selection by Skype interview.

The applications can be sent until February 26, 2016 including. The results of competitive selection will be published on the website of New Art School and its facebook page on February 28, 2016.

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