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European geographers launched an online map of positive places in Ukraine

Photo from http://ain.ua/

As there are many interesting places in Kharkiv and throughout Ukraine that you can not even guess, but once discover them for yourself. Specialists from Ukraine and Europe have created an interactive map Map Me Happy with positive places for recreation, entertainment and self-development. It is possible to find the object of interest or add a new one.

All objects are divided into categories for easy filtering: for thinking and for visual, hearing, touching, and smelling senses.

Photo from http://ain.ua/
Photo from http://ain.ua/

While the map has 246 objects. Most of them are in Kyiv. There are also several places in the regions of Ukraine. The authors of the project hope that its users will add their familiar positive places that are not available on the map yet.

Map Me Happy is aimed at all segments of the population: researchers, cyclists, tourists, party-goers can find useful information here. By clicking on the label the information about a place opens with photos and description. Users can leave comment and like places. It is also possible to share locations on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo from http://ain.ua/
Photo from http://ain.ua/

The authors positioned Map Me Happy as a project of “happy urbanism”. “We all have different habits, features, and mood, and we all have different perceptions of public spaces. Sometimes, walking around the city, we find, we feel something that makes this place special, comfortable or simply positive. These micro-stories, taken together, can change the way we all perceive and appreciate our city,” was stated in the description.

The initiators of the project are: Ukrainian Anastasiya Ponomareva, an architect-urbanist, Romanian Petronela Bordeyanu and Dutchman Niels Grotyans, members of the European geographical association. The permanent team MMH consists also of another four Ukrainians. In addition, volunteers from Ukraine, Italy and Russia are working on the map.

MMH was created within the Tandem program (Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine) 2014-2015, an initiative of the European Cultural of the Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin). The project is non-commercial and collects donations which will be spent on the additional functions of the map.

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