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Near the Palace of Sports will erect a monument to the heroes of Euromaidan


In Kharkiv near the Palace of Sports where on February 22, 2015 occurred terrorist attack will erect a monument in honor of the city and the country’s patriots.


On February 22 Kharkiv activists plan to install a memorial sign for the first time, and later full-fledged monument, about this on the Facebook page informed one of the coordinators of Kharkiv Euromaidan Vladimir Chistilin.

“It will be installed a memorial sign, and then a monument in honor of the events which took place in Kharkiv, on February 22 of 2014 and 2015 years. Then the patriots of the city prevented the breakup of the country during the separatist riot, and a year later four people lost their lives during the bloody terrorist attack. Glory to the Heroes! Eternal memory to the victims!” wrote Chistilin.

According to him, particularly loud opening or ceremony is not planned.

Recall, on February 22 at the Palace of Sports on the site of passage of the column of pro-Ukrainian activists the explosion was fired. As a result of the attack four people were killed and nine people were wounded.


Recall Vladimir Chistilin is the author and producer of the documentary film about the Kharkivens from the “Heavenly Hundred”.

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