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In Kharkiv picketed the Russian consulate


The picket was dedicated to political prisoners who are now in prisons of the Russian Federation. On February 7 in the afternoon in Kharkiv several activists picketed the Russian consulate, as reported IT Sector.

12705429_1100666506618888_762410799429565493_nThe activists held banners with requirement to release Ildar Dadin who for allegedly “repeated violation of the order of holding of the large scale actions” was condemned in Moscow to 3 years of imprisonment in the colony, as it is written on the Facebook page of IT-sector.

Also for the distribution of the image with the text “Ethnic Ukrainians from Kuban want to join Ukraine” in Krasnodar was condemned Kuban activist Darya Polyudova to two years in a penal colony settlement.

From the Russian Consulate General no one came out to picketing people.

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