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14 young Kharkivens received the first ID-passports

Photo from http://kh.vgorode.ua/

Today, on February 6th, at the Main Department of Migration Service 14 Kharkivens received the first ID-cards which replaced the traditional paper passports.

751 citizens filed the documents for ID-card. Now it is possible to draw up the documents of the European standard in 15 regional offices of the migration service in the Kharkiv region.

So far, people over 16 years can not get ID cards as the Migration Service is waiting for the enactment of legislation. “The Verkhovna Rada voted for this bill, and I hope, with some changes it is still to be adopted. ​​Citizens’ identification is one of the necessary terms for obtaining a visa-free regime with the EU,” the head of the Main Department of Migration Service in Kharkiv region Vyacheslav Guz said.

Visually on the ID-card you can see the owner’s name, gender, date of birth, black-and-white photos and a digital signature. These data, as well as a color image, are placed in an electronic chip, which it is possible to read even when using a smartphone supporting the corresponding function. Soon, it could be found marital status and address of the registration of the card owner. So far, the registration information is issued on a separate paper.

Photo from http://kh.vgorode.ua/
Photo from http://kh.vgorode.ua/

The first owners of the new documents, in general, are happy with cards: “The registration procedure was simple. I applied on January 14th. In two weeks the card was already made,” said Daria.

“However, there is one minus – the fact that registration is on a separate paper. When I need to make a copy, I would have to take with me both documents. I think that soon this problem will be solved,” added Victoria.

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