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In Kharkiv plans to attract the best professors to the development of weapons


National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (KPI) plans to reform its Guards Military Department at the Institute of armored vehicles, informed the website of KPI.

According to the university development concept 2016-2018 due to the creation of the institute of armored vehicles they plan to expand the training of the officers with new specialties for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The graduates of the faculty become lieutenants and receive a diploma of KPI. Faculty trains officers to the educational level “master” and “specialist” with a training period of 5 years in fields: “Mechanical Engineering”, “Chemistry”.

Departments: armored military vehicles; chemistry and fighting toxic chemicals; radiation, chemical and biological protection; physical training of special physical training and sports; military training of reserve officers.

Research laboratories: armored military vehicles; weapons of radiation, chemical and biological protection; combat use of units of technical assistence and radiation, chemical and biological protection.

Thus, “reformatting” will be possible if the leadership of the Ministry of Defense supports the idea.

In addition, the university plans to interest the leading professors of various departments to participate in research projects on the development of modern weapons: tanks, armored personnel carriers, missile technology and rocketry.

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