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Decommunization: 5 districts were renamed in Kharkiv

Photo from m.rusvesna.su

The mayor Gennady Kernes has signed a decree to rename 53 city objects – 5 districts and 48 streets in Kharkiv region.

According to the document, Dzerzhinsky district becomes Shevchenko, Ordzhonikidze district turns Industrial, and Leninsky one was renamed to Holodnogorsky.

Two other districts retained the old names, but now their arguments has changed. So, now the Frunze district is named after a fighter pilot Timur Frunze, and the October district got its “old” name in honor of the Virgin of Mercy holiday, Defenders’ Day and the Day of Ukraine’s liberation from Nazi invaders.

Recalling that earlier Kharkiv activists opposed planned renaming, citing the fact that the city authorities were trying to preserve the Soviet names under the guise of new ones. As a result, public hearings on renaming were disrupted.

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