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City officials have allocated 25 million UAH for program of affordable housing

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The sum of 25 million UAH was allocated from the Kharkiv budget on funding programs “Affordable Housing” and “Youth lending.” On February 3, the Deputy Mayor and Director of the Department of Economics and municipal property Mikhail Fateev reported this, informs the press center of the Kharkiv City Council.

5 million UAH was allocated for the program “Youth lending” (loans at a reduced rate), 20 million UAH – on the “Affordable Housing” (part of the cost of housing compensated by the state).

According Fateev, it is now possible to purchase an apartment at a lower cost. The company or organization can recommend its employee in need of housing. A part of the sum (fateev40% of the cost of housing) will be compensated by the city budget (if the the company or organization compensates the city at least 20% of the estimated cost at their own expense). Thus, people in need of better housing, will be able to buy an apartment for 60%.

The second option is to issue soft loans to employees of budgetary institutions Kharkiv. According to the terms of lending, if the applicant has work experience in the public institution of Kharkiv up to 10 years, the annual rate of interest is 5%, if 10 to 20 years – 3%, more than 20 years – the loan will be interest free.

The third option – lending for ATO participants. Mandatory requirement – the family must be in need of better housing conditions.

As a result, a credit will be granted for 15 years. Its amount will be calculated based on the rate of 21 square meters of total area per family member plus 10.5 square meters per family. The initial payment will be 5%.

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