Home Business Lauffer Group will invest 10 million UAH in Kharkiv bakeries

Lauffer Group will invest 10 million UAH in Kharkiv bakeries


Lauffer Group plans to increase investments in its bakeries in Kharkiv to 10 million hryvnias, as reported the press service of the company.

According to the head of business Lauffer Group in Kharkiv Bogdan Alexandrov, in 2015 the company invested in Kharkiv bakeries 4 million UAH.

“Re-equipment of production was carried out in two directions: introduction of energy-saving technologies and improvement of product quality. Despite the significant cost of modernization, the arguments in favor of the adoption of decision were indisputable. In particular, the gas savings amounted to about 11% compared to 2014,” noticed he.

It is also noted that one of the largest Kharkiv bakeries “Saltovsky” which is a part of Lauffer Group, in 2015 produced 43 thousand tons of bakery products.

“In 2015 we managed to save both production volumes and market share. Today we produce about 40% of bread in Kharkiv,” said Bogdan Alexandrov.

The company stressed that on average “Saltovsky” and “Slobozhanskiy” bakery plants produce daily 120 tons of bread and bakery products including 7 tons of confectionery and rich products. More than 15% of bread produced by enterprises composes massive sorts.

Reference. Lauffer Group – one of the largest Ukrainian business groups in the sphere of ​​agro-processing and food production. It has been working in Ukraine for 14 years and includes about 100 enterprises specializing in the production of flour, bakery products, fat-and-oil products, canned food etc.

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