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Kharkiv invites tourists to walk on ecological trails


This year in the Kharkiv region is planned to prepare and open for hikers eleven new ecological trails. It is counted that their total length will be equal to 140 kilometers. The information about this tourism project is published on the website of the regional state administration.

In Kharkiv there are a lot of unique historical, cultural and natural attractions. The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is working hard on their popularity among tourists, increasing their attractiveness to the region residents and visitors of Kharkiv.

According to Andrey Timciuc who heads this department, in the past year on the territory of Golmoshanskie forests (National Park) have been restored several eco-trails. In particular, almost 4-kilometer “Fresh forest”, “Old forest with floodplain meadow” with a length 2,7 kilometers, “Old forest” whose length – about 6 kilometers. It became well known to hikers ecological trail to the Peat bogs. It opens to the eyes of tourists beautiful pine scenery and beaver lodges. “Murafskaya Dacha” is also very popular – trail passing through old-growth oak-wood and pine forest along the river Merchik. There is also 15-kilometer trail “Pine Forest”.


The existing ecological trails are constantly kept in good condition. Although, in fairness it must be said that more responsible behavior and respect for the ecology of many nature lovers would not go amiss.

Reference. National Park “Gomolshanskie Forests” was created for the protection of flora and fauna which are enlisted in the Red Book of Ukraine.

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