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Kharkiv groundhog predicted early spring and dollar rate


Today at the biological station of Karazin University in Gaidar traditionally celebrated Groundhog Day. On Groundhog Day Kharkiv augur made his prediction for the incoming of spring. The groundhog Timka predicted early but cool spring.

“The cold snap will be three times – at the end of February, in the middle of March and April,” translated Timka’s prediction, his guardian, the head of the biological station Viktor Tokarski.

Timka also predicted the dollar rate for the first time. He had a choice between 25 and 30 UAH per dollar. The groundhog chosen course 25.


On the biological station of Kharkiv university celebrate Groundhog Day since 2004. During this time, the animals forecasts come true every other. Local scientists believe that among animals-augurs groundhogs – the best.

During today’s celebration of Groundhog Day Kharkiv zoologists decided to appeal to the mayor Gennady Kernes with an initiative to erect a monument to groundhog. “We want to erect a monument near the Museum of Nature on Trinkler street or if mayor won’t be against, perhaps in Gorky Park,” said Professor of the Department of Zoology and Animal Ecology of Karazin University Victor Tokarski.

Reference. Groundhog Day – a traditional folk festival in the USA and Canada which is celebrated annually on February 2. On this day people watch the groundhog crawling out of his hole. The scientists believe that his behavior shows the proximity of spring: if the day is cloudy, the groundhog does not see his shadow and leaves the hole – then winter will end soon and spring will come early. If the day is sunny, the groundhog spooks at his shadow and hides back – then will be six more weeks of winter.


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