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A Kharkiv developer launched a chat where you can see what someone writes before sending

Photo from mport.ua

The team of Hiboo, headed by one of its founders from Kharkiv, launched a messenger, claiming that their service is truly instant. The main difference of Hiboo from existing messengers is that the user sees in real time what the companion is writing. All typed messages are immediately displayed in the chat box, even before the button “Send” is pressed.

The startup team consists of six people, working in London, where they have met. The founders, who came up with the technology, are: CEO Matthew Rigol from France, CTO Andrey Marin from Kharkiv, and CPO Eleanor Harding from South Africa.

The idea of Hiboo was born during Hackaton TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 in London which the team won with another application in. After the event, the developers decided to return to the original plan, put it into practice.

“Everyone knows how it is to look at “Kate is typing …”, and then get a one-word answer. With Hiboo a person does not have to send a message as the recipient begins to see what you are writing, at once, without delay. But Hiboo is not designed to communicate with your boss,” says Arthur Kolayan, the chief marketing of the company.

The team believes that their application will be in demand, for example, among users of new dating sites and applications for exchange of urgent news (like the collapse of shares or decisive goal).

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