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In Kharkiv presented stress-relieving book


Young Kharkiv painter created the first in Ukraine coloring book for adults relieving from stress.

In the Kharkiv regional organizational and methodical center of culture and art was opened the personal exhibition of Olesya Vakulenko “I love Ukraine”. The exhibition presents the creations of artists in various genres. But one of the highlights of the exhibition – stress-relieving coloring book “I love Ukraine” for the soul and inspiration.

“The idea of ​​such a coloring is not new: this trend is very popular especially in Europe and America where there are even specialized shops of such books. In Ukraine it started to appear three years ago but it was a reprint of European or American painters. My book “I love Ukraine” is unique, firstly because it is painted in Ukraine, and secondly, it is made on the base of the Ukrainian art. Stress-relieving effect of coloring is that the coloring – like embroidery or bead weaving – a person focuses on the process, a kind of semi meditative state,” said the painter.

117072Curiously, the coloring is designed for adults, although, the children liked it too. According to the curator of the exhibition, the book “I Love Ukraine” was published at the end of last year and became a sensation.

During the exhibition the visitors can also plunge into work: you can not only admire the exhibits but also to paint the book – in the center of culture and art hand out the sheets of paper and colored pencils for everyone who wants.

The exhibition “I love Ukraine” will last till February 11.

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