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Kharkiv police will be equipped with intelligent system


Why police need intelligent system and how to use this technology discussed on January 26 in the regional police headquarters (HQ).

One of the co-authors of the project the head of the Information Department of National Police HQ in Kharkiv region police colonel Dmitry Uzlov presented the development.

It was decided to give the police officers a mechanical intelligence to improve the effectiveness.

The approximate scheme of the appliance of artificial intelligence is as follows:

The information on crime comes to the response sector of patrol police. With the help of intelligent system it is analyzed, processed and transmitted within 1,5 minutes to the nearest patrol police squads. The rapid response teams will be equipped with special tablets PC which will receive and process the information.

This significantly reduces the time for the search and detention of offenders and gives an opportunity to disclose the crime in as short a time as possible, informed the press service of National Police HQ in the Kharkiv region.


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