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Richard Branson wants to invest in Ukrainian startups

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During the World Economic Forum, at the private event “Ukrainian lunch” in Davos, a famous British entrepreneur and investor Richard Branson said that he was interested in Ukrainian startups, according to the words of his partner in AVentures Capital, Andrey Kolodyuk.

At the forum, Richard, speaking on the same stage with the billionaire George Soros and Ukrainian Minister of Finance, Natalia Yaresko, said that Ukraine has strong talents, particularly in IT field, and he is interested in investing in the Ukrainian startups.

In a conversation with Kolodyuk the famous entrepreneur specified projects he was particularly interesting in: “He told me he was pleased with investments in TransferWise and interested in investing in Bitcoin and blockchain startups in Ukraine”, Kolodyuk said.

Another one unexpected, but not realized thing is concerning Ukrainian telecom market. It turns out that Branson was going to buy Ukrainian Vodafone (the one that used to be “MTS Ukraine”), but failed. The reasons are unknown, but according to Kolodyuk, Branson showed of serious interest and belief in the Ukrainian market.

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