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In Kharkiv is a lack of military uniform of statutory sample


Recently in the Kharkiv metro developed conflict between ATO participant and an officer of the Law and Order Military Service. Special operations soldier was stopped as he was in the form supplied by volunteers and had a badge that isn’t provided by the military charter.

Many of the ATO participants has rewards that are not included in the list of awards signs of Ukraine (including, for the defense of the Donetsk airport, Debaltsevo, Ilovaysk etc). As for the form, under ATO conditions many are not dressed according to the charter. At the beginning of hostilities the uniforms were brought mainly by volunteers, and this form is often more reliable than the one that was issued by the combat services.


In the recruiting office said the recent requirements regarding the appearance of the soldiers were toughened. The form is permissible only of Ukrainian origin – camouflage “pixel” and light brown army boots. And the requirements for the appearance in civilian life are higher than at the front line.

“In the ATO area wear different uniform. They often wear fleece jackets bought by the volunteers which are not in the list of uniform. In addition, to wear statutory army boots there is impractical – they are light and easily dirt,” said Acting Commissar of the Kharkiv region Yuri Kalgushkin who recently visited the ATO area.

Though in civilian life requirements for the uniform are toughed, it’s often impossible to execute them. Recruitment offices are equipped residually as opposed to combat units. For example, in the Kharkiv region not all the 386 employees of the military enlistment office have army boots. So Yuri Kalgushkin advised the officers of the Law and Order Military Service to consider each case individually.

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