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The Red Cross adopted the Kharkiv savers’ practice

Photo from telegraf.com.ua

Experts of the Mission of the Red Cross visited the Kharkiv National University of Civil Protection to learn the experience of the Kharkiv savers’ trainings and provide technical support to the university.

“We visit your university for the first time, but we got an impression that your savers are very prepared for all the emergencies. It is very difficult to find any mistakes in your work. But we very hope that the Committee of the Red Cross and the university will cooperate closely and fruitfully in the future,” told the adviser to the International Committee of the Red Cross.


The foreign experts noted that they are ready to share their experience in the world’s trouble spots. In turn, the Kharkiv professors can also help to train volunteers of the Red Cross.

Specialists of the Red Cross and teachers of the university discussed the training programs for action in emergency situations. As known, the Kharkiv university is the only one in Ukraine which trains fireworkers and deminers.

“We select guys almost from each field. We already have orders for 2016 for the training of specialists of counterexplosive police office,” said the rector of the National University of Civil Defence Vladimir Sadkoviy.

According to the rector of the university, the signing of a joint agreement with the Committee of the Red Cross is preparing now. The university is expected to be to equipped with special medical equipment for the preparation of the future savers.


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