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UNICEF will realize one another project to support IDPs in Kharkiv region

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Yesterday, on January 18th, the Deputy Head of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration (KRSA) Mikhail Chernyak held a meeting with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) delegation in Ukraine. The participants of the meeting discussed the implementation of international donor projects in Kharkiv region, and outlined plans for the future cooperation.

Chernyak noticed that today in Kharkiv region many projects funded by the European partners, in particular, related to the internal displaced persons (IDPs) were successfully implemented. “We are interested in the proposals and are ready to provide all necessary support to its realization. The projects for IDPs remain urgent for us, as their official number continues to grow in the region,” said the vice-governor.

He noted that if earlier the accent was put on primary health care for IDPs, now it is necessary to implement projects aimed at their adaption: to develop social infrastructure, create conditions for the development of children and youth.

Cherniak also stressed that it’s necessary to pay particular attention to people living in remote areas of the region, because such issues are more complex to solve there than in the regional center.

afdafsThe head of the UNICEF office in Ukraine Giovanna Barberis said that in the near future in Kharkiv region it is planned to implement a number of the UNICEF projects financed by Germany. They will be directed to the education and social development of the region.

“The German government has already made a decision concerning financing of the project, soon it will be presented to the government of Ukraine, and we hope for the support. The project will be implemented in 5 regions of Ukraine, including Kharkiv region. In total 12.5 million euros will be allocated from Germany for this purpose”, said Barberis.

To implement the project there will be opened the UNICEF office in Kharkiv for various specialists, from social workers to architects.

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